GS welcomes Pearl to the Guerilla Gang

4 May 2011

We would like to introduce you to our newest client, Pearl.

Pearl, or sometimes known as the Historic Pearl Brewery, is a very special place in San Antonio Texas. Pearl is known for its beer and its legendary Brewery facilities – and is now becoming known for its modern take on the reinvention of the grounds as a more interactive player in the broader San Antonio community. Pearl is a modern retail and events facility that houses everything from urban book stores to Tamale contests and from outdoor music events to fitness shops and farmers markets. Pearl was founded in 1883, and is rich with stories of buildings, beer, horses, and most importantly – people. Pearl has taken on a new life and personality through the reinvention of the space, turning horse stables into events facilities, and brew houses into boutique hotels – all with the environment in mind. At Pearl, you will find solar panels, rainwater collection, repurposed materials and recycled ideas that create a new space that pays homage to its history. You have to really see it to believe it.

At GS, we were asked to work with Pearl and our friends at Giant Noise to help them take that reinvention concept and apply it to digital, to ideas, to social media, to content and to events. Check out our first video – we captured the first show from the Echale series at the outdoor amphitheater at Pearl, featuring Ozomatli and friends:

In the coming weeks, you will begin to see new creative on the web, at events, and through social media that will expand, modernize, and excite your Pearl experience. Stay tuned to Pearl, as there is plenty of cool coming up.