Taco Acquisition

17 Jul 2012


The legendary creative agency and Austin based Dio tribute bureau, Guerilla Suit, announced today that after much debate, they will acquire delicious tacos for lunch.

Guerilla Suit, known for its work on brands like Austin City Limits, Texas Monthly, Alamo Drafthouse, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and Black Yeti is a team of creatives that are notorious for being argumentative and indecisive when it comes to making group decisions on where to eat lunch.

The decision to agree to tacos was the first step, and then the choice of El Primo as the ideal taco cart was one that really made the issue resonate with a broader audience.

“Tacos are fundamental to our growth and success” said Kevin Whitley, Principal at Guerilla Suit. “Especially El Primo style. When we eat their tacos, things just happen over here.”

El Primo was founded in 1998 in Guadalajara, Mexico and moved to South Austin in 2001. EP is widely respected as one of the premier taco carts in Austin, specifically focusing on taking care of the workin man with great prices and tasty carne asada tacos and tortas. “Sí, yo vendo tacos deliciosos,” said El Primo, then he continued “pero estos gringos tienen ni idea de lo que están hablando.”

James Moody, founder of Guerilla Suit was elated when he heard the news that tacos had been chosen for lunch.

“They have a green salsa that is my jam – I put it all over my pastor tacos at El Primo,” said Moody. “I had no idea that we could get this far in such a short amount of time. I can’t wait to cram one of those bad boys in my cake hole and engage in a light nap.”

The team is also considering stopping by the HEB of Broken Dreams to acquire some Topo Chico chasers.