The Coolest Movie Theater in the World

14 Dec 2010

We are (mega) excited to be working with one of our favorite brands in Austin (possibly the coolest movie theater in the world), and a great team of people looking to expand across the U.S. with the concept that we in Austin already know and love so much. When we first heard about the opportunity, we immediately did our research and focused on 3 key items:

The Alamo contacted us in the summer of 2010 to begin working on addressing a set of opportunities associated with their new expansion plans. This included introducing tools that would help manage the brand as it grew — controlling things like brand ethos, brand standards, style guides, menus, environment… all across a growing group of unique theaters and with the understanding that there would be many more on the way. The Alamo Drafthouse is a creative, nimble, constantly-evolving brand – a unique spirit that we’re helping define and strengthen to better withstand the buffeting brand perils of strange new cities and faraway markets. We are proud to say that after many many many examples, attempts, ideas, and drawrings…that we can introduce the NEW official ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE LOGO (featured here).

The second challenge is taking all of these theaters, shows, programs, and associated entities (Drafthouse Films, Fantastic Fest, etc) and creating a dynamic, capable, and organized place on the web to house all of this information for customers, staff and stakeholders. To help address some of this we are working closely with Alamo staff to develop a custom back and front end that takes this massive amount of data and translates it into a user-friendly, logical, comfortable, and exciting online experience. Stay tuned on the development of this and more.