We Welcome Austin City Limits to the GS Family

3 Mar 2011

We are very proud to announce our partnership with KLRU and Austin City Limits.

As you know, we also have been working with our friends at ACL Live since the summer of 2010. The first shows and tapings have been amazing – it is truly an unparalleled live music experience. Our experiences with ACL Live have helped us to get to know the overarching Austin City Limits brand better, learn more about its needs and interests, and strategize on how we could work together with both properties on growth plans for 2011 and beyond. At GS, we work with many music and entertainment clients, and knowing what Austin City Limits has meant to so many music lovers over the years – this is very special to us.

Today, we launched the first wink at a larger campaign for the Austin City Limits Television Series, focusing on its amazing past, present, and future. As the heart and soul of all things ACL, the good people at KLRU worked with us to develop an interactive timeline that consists of rare & unique photos, video clips, and audio moments. We also created custom video content to augment the existing content with a fresh perspective. This was the best way to establish where this brand has come from, but also where it could be going. Austin City Limits is the nucleus or DNA of all things ACL, including ACL Fest, ACL Live, and ACL TV, and we are looking forward to helping them work in unison.

As Austin continues to grow, may it always remember its City Limits.