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Briggo is an exciting new beverage company that has built its platform around marrying high quality products to modern mobile technologies. GS was hired in the initial idea phase - and asked to create the name, the identity, the style guide, the messages and the environments for the Beta phase of testing the first unit on UT's campus, while also partnering with our friends at Mutual Mobile on developing the web/mobile/kiosk aspects of the multiple user interface system. Wired magazine has picked up on how cool this thing is in terms of its capabilities, differentiation in the market, and potential for the long term. Today, Briggo has begun work on its first actual unmanned unit, based on what we learned from Beta at UT. Moving forward, Briggo's brand will evolve to feature a streamlined unit, include more products, brand transitions, messages, and campaigns that will really help engage and educate the consumer, while building loyalty to a truly different and disruptive technology. This new work is scheduled to be revealed to the public in the fall of 2012. Follow our progress here.