Bill Nye

In early 2015, Transmission Events tapped Team Guerilla Suit to conjure up some concepts to ring in Fun Fun Fun Fest’s 10 year anniversary and announce the artist lineup. The challenge was to come up with a comprehensive campaign that paid homage to the festival’s legacy while maintaining the light-hearted and entertaining nature of an eclectic fest.

Perhaps it was the ever-present hangover left from Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos, but two themes kept bubbling to the top: space and science. We then felt it was proper to prove — scientifically of course — that FFF was the most fun festival since singularity began its rapid expansion. And who better to run through this Drake equation than our childhood hero Bill Nye?

Nye Set 01

We packed our futuristic space bags, assembled a skilled team of writers, producers, novelty-sized checks, and Dave Meads and headed up to New York. There we found a super-secret-science lab replete with an anatomical skeleton, beakers and other sciencey stuff to really hammer this science theme home. In this den of knowledge, the inimitable science guy did his science guy thing.

Nye Crew