Love Street Light

Develop brand, package, point-of-sale and campaign materials for new Love Street line extension.
Leveraging the popularity and brand equity of Karbach's Love Street Kölsch-style Blonde, we positioned Love Street Light as the lighter and groovier companion to the original.
Messaging, Packaging, Point of Sale, Collateral, Merchandise, Campaign

Light & Groovy

On groovy days when the breeze is blowing and the music is playing, a nice crisp Blonde delicately hopped with floral German hops is your kind of nirvana. Love Street Light brings you all of the fresh flavors of a fantastic Blonde with fewer calories to keep you light on your feet well into the night. So gather up the group and crack open a Love Street Light for the perfect opener, headliner, or encore of any occasion. It's a whole lotta love with less calories, and fewer carbs.

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