Austin Marriott Downtown

Create a localized brand experience for three existing Marriott concepts at the new downtown Hotel.
Focusing on each concept's unique personality, extend the existing brands through illustration and iconography systems and create an original brand experience for the Austin location.
Identity System Extension, Collateral, Paper System, Signage & Wayfinding

Corinne, Lobbyist, Loaf + Vine

Corinne, Lobbyist, Loaf + Vine all had existing locations across the country, but the team behind the Austin Marriott Downtown knew in order to succeed in Austin, they each needed more flexible and robust identity systems to create a holistic experience.

Corinne is a modern American bistro touting Honest Food & Drink. Inspired by the name, we gave Corinne her own identity through an organic mono-line illustration suite that made its way across the collateral system to menus, check presenters, coasters and beyond.

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The Lobbyist's name was our main source of inspiration, reminiscent of deals made over cocktails on Capitol Hill. We adapted this into a brand extension featuring illustrated handshakes and motifs of ledgers, keys and security seals along with the tagline, "High End. Low Key."

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Loaf + Vine's existing black-and-white brand reminded us of traditional subway tiling and New York City bodegas. We expanded upon that inspiration as we extended the brand suite, adding additional secondary marks featuring iconography and a sticker system featuring bright accent colors.

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