Create brand and package for Karbach's new German-style Pilsner in partnership with Hot Luck Live Food & Music Festival and Southern Smoke Foundation.
Develop brand, package and 360 campaign inspired by the classic Texas symbol of good luck: the horseshoe.
Naming, Messaging, Packaging, Point of Sale, Collateral, Merchandise, Campaign

The Luckiest Beer in Texas

What do you get when the most famous pitmaster in Texas makes some magic with the best Brewmaster in the Lone Star State? You get Horseshoe, a light, refreshing, German-style pilsner brewed for BBQ, yard sports, and the Hot Luck Live Food & Music Festival. And for every Horseshoe sold, Karbach will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Southern Smoke Foundation, a charity that supports service industry workers. So kick back and give back.

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Photography c/o Chad Wadsworth