Karbach Brewing Co.

Make Karbach the most iconic craft beer from Texas.
Align Karbach with a new, modern Texas and strategically position the brand as the new standard craft beer without pretension.
SWOT Analysis, Positioning Strategy, Creative Direction, Narrative & Messaging, Packaging Design, Point of Sale, Merchandise, Campaign Creation, Events & Activations

It's all about the beer.

The people needed a beer.

Not a craft movement. Not an exclusive club. Not a secret handshake. Just great beer, minus all the pomp and circumstance. So that’s what Karbach gave them.

They don’t take themselves too seriously but you can be damn sure they take their beer seriously. While everyone else is trying to reinvent or overthink their beer, Karbach takes the classic German techniques and turn them up to 11. The result is true, authentic beer for everyone to enjoy.

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Guerilla Suit provided the ideal fit for getting our brand to the next level. Over a three-year period, they shined on every level: brand positioning, package & merch design, retail programs, media creation, and large-scale concert programming.

We doubled our business while the industry remained flat. The cherry on top was their creation of Crawford Bock, a collaboration brew with the Houston Astros and the most successful new craft beer innovation in the United States for 2019.

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Charlie Paulette Senior Director of Marketing
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