Kick Pleat

Refresh the identity of an established brand and boutique retail experience for expansion into new markets.
Create a simple and sophisticated brand identity and palette to be applied across print, digital and built environments.
Creative Direction, Identity System, Collateral, Packaging, Paper System, Web Design, Signage & Way-Finding

A Fashion Destination

The most stylish women in Austin all have one thing in common: they're all regular customers at Kick Pleat. For over a decade, Kick Pleat has served as a high-end mainstay of minimalist chic clothing, shoes and accessories - all carefully curated by owner Wendi Koletar Martin. When Wendi approached GS about helping re-brand her store in time for an expansion into Houston, we knew it would be an exercise in restraint.

Print Regional Design | Identity 2017

Kp Collateral 1 5

When creating a new identity for this space, we approached it with the same simplicity and sophistication as the merchandise on the shelves.

Kp Collateral 2
Kp Web 1
Kp Vertical 1
Kp Vertical 3
Kp Vertical 3
Kp Hero 1
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Kp Web 2
Kp 2
Kp Packaging 1
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Kp Hero 7
Kp Hero 6
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Kick Pleat Photography by Dagny Piasecki and Mary Kang

Guerilla Suit has been a true creative partner in taking our brand to the next level. Their ideas are refreshing, and the branding package they came up with exceeded my expectations and really nailed the sensibility of our brand. Working with them was always a delight - I felt like an important client to them and we had a lot of fun along the way. I would highly recommend Guerilla Suit and their team to anyone who is looking for a sophisticated, comprehensive branding solution and a positive client experience.

Wendi Koletar
Wendi Koletar Martin Owner, Kick Pleat
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