Love Street Family

Create a Love Street campaign including a commercial spot that showcases the growing Love Street family and helps increase brand awareness for the family of products as well as the individual beer types within it.
Expand the Love Street visual brand by combining elements of live action with the brand's original animation style to evolve the Love Street story and introduce a new family of products.
Creative Direction, Narrative & Messaging, Campaign Creation, Custom Illustration, Packaging Design, Point of Sale, Digital Advertising, Print Advertising, Out of Home Advertising, Broadcast

A Whole Lotta Love

As the Love Street family continues to grow its offerings and popularity, GS thought a natural progression of the original animated Love Street commercials would be for the brand to grow, literally into the real world. We combined live action scenes with the already established visual style from the previous spots to create a new concept that elevated the recognizable brand elements while introducing the new members of the Love Street family - Love Street Light & Love Street Citrus.

Prompted by the opening of refrigerator, the animated world spilled into live action lifestyle scenes, all nods to the fun, enjoy-anywhere and music-loving-centric vibe of the beer.

Love Street Family
30-Second Spot

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Sending all our love to our friends who helped along the way including director Ariel Quintans, the editorial team at Nomad, animator Greg Omelchuck and the team at Moontower and Amanda Fox and the killer production team at Spotzen.