Franklin Barbecue Pits

Build a brand and brand strategy for limited edition, handcrafted smokers that communicates value and rarity to consumers.
Create a brand suite that is an ode to the passion, pursuit, patience and hard work that comes with making exceptional BBQ and that connects the Franklin legacy to the cooking tools that make it happen.
Brand Positioning, Brand Narrative & Messaging, Identity System, Collateral, Paper System, Merchandise, Packaging

Master the Craft

I built Franklin pits for those BBQ purists who want to take their craft next level. Each pit is skillfully made by hand in Austin, Texas. They are built to last. They are built with purpose. They are the result of everything I’ve learned and all the happy accidents I’ve made over the years. But my pits don’t cook on their own. They need you. They need your hard work, your passion, your patience and your craft. Give them that, and they’ll reward you every single time.

- James Beard Award-Winning Pit Master, Aaron Franklin

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At Franklin Barbecue we cherish all that is organic, honest, soulful, and perfect. Guerilla Suit is every bit of that, creating an authentic voice and visual experience for our Franklin Barbecue Pits.

We enjoy our relationship with Guerilla Suit because they work as us rather than for us, diving deep into what is most important to Franklin, which is our customers.

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Aaron and Stacy Franklin Owners, Franklin BBQ

Photography c/o Wyatt McSpadden

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